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Kingdom Plantae

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   -are eukaryotic
   -are mutlicellular
   -are photoautotrophic
   -have cell walls made of cellulose
   -have a waxy layer called a cuticle

 Their leaves are organs used for photosynthesis. The roots and stem are also organs. The roots absorb nutrients and water, and are also used for anchors to the ground and storage for some starch. The stem provides structural support. The cuticle prevents desiccation. And lastly the seeds are used as a transport dispersal.They are also vascular and nonvascular.
Seedless plants:
   -produce spores but no seeds
   -are not as common or wides spread as other plants
   -are found in moist enviroments
   -liverworts, lobe shaped leaves, moist enviroment, Hepatophyta
   -hornworts, closely related to algae, one chloroplast, moist and shady enviroment, Anthoerophyta
   -mosses, 14,500 species, worldwide moist areas, Bryophyta
   -whisk ferns, no roots or leaves, does photosynthesis in the stem, Psilophyta
   -club mosses, have stems, roots and leaves, look like a small pine tree, Lycophyta
   -horsetails, hollow jointed stem with silica, Sphenophyta
   -ferns, the largest group, Pterophyta

Seed plants:
 Ginkgophyta, a herb used for energy and the seed has a fleshy coat.
 Coniferophyta (conifers and evergreens)
   -mostly evergreens, retain leaves all year
   -gymnosperm, "naked seed", the seesd is not protected by fruit
   -pine needles, may last up to forty years and have a waxy cuticle
 Anthophyta, flowering plants
   -angiosperm, "covered seed", protects the seed and helps with dispersal
   -fruit, fleshy ovary of a flower
   -monocot, one seed leaf, parallel veins, branched root, flower parts in groups of three
   -dicot, two seed leaves, branched veins, taproot, flower parts in groups of 4 or 5
   -life span, annuals, biennials, perennials
   -pollination, the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma, transportation by insects, wind, and mammals
   -fruit, wall of ovary
   -seed dispersal by animals, wind, and water