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Kingdom Fungi

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   -are eukaryotic   
   -all multicellular, except yeast
   -are heterotrophic through absortion
   -include saprobes and some are parasitic
   -have cell walls of chitin
   -are partly made of hyphae which forms into mycelium
Their reproduction:
 -fragmentation, asexual
 -budding, yeast, asexual
 -sproes, produced by mitosis and meiosis, for both sexual and asexul reproduction

       Mutation Association

Division Zygomycota a.k.a. bread molds
 There are about 1500 species of this division. When reproducing sexually, 2 hyphae grow together and form a hardened, resistant structure called a zygospore. Asexually, a spore produces hyphae, then sporagonia that releases more spores.

Division Basidioycota a.k.a. club fungi
 There are about 25,000 species and from their gills, spores are produced.

Division Ascomycota a.k.a. sac fungi
 There are about 30,000 species, some are the morels, truffels, yeasts, and ergot-rye. Spores are produced in little sacs called asci.

Club Fungi

Sac Fungi