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Do Not Know What a Certain Term Means? 

aerobic: need air to live
anerobic: cannot live in air
autotrophic: needing carbonates or carbon dioxcide and an inorganic nitrogen compound to undergo metabolic synthesis
cellulose:polysaccharide of glucose units
desiccation: losing all moisture, drying out
ectoderm: outer layers of an embryo
endoderm: the inner layers of an embryo
eukaryote: an organism made of one or more cells
flagella: various filiform appendages of plants or animals 
heterotrophic: needs complex compound nitrogens and carbon for metabolic synthesis
mesoderm: ther middle layers of an embryo
hyphae: thread-like filaments from spores in fungus
mycelium: dense packing of hyphae
photoautotrophic: autotrophic and getting energy from light
polysaccharide: a carbohydrate that can be decomposed by hydrolysis
prokaryote: a cellular organism with no distinct nucleus 
saprobic: breaks down dead organisms
vascular: relating to the channel for the transprotation of a body fluid 

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